The Bay of Mont Saint Michel

Mont d'emotion

Mont Saint Michel combines unique natural scenery with an architectural gem.
This outstanding site has been listed as Unesco World Heritage.

It is worth exploring; its bay conceals thousands of treasure troves waiting to be discovered.

A source of inspiration for some of us or a land of legends for others, nobody is left unaffected
by The Bay of Mont Saint Michel.

Therefore, let the specialists of heritage and environment of this rich territory guide you.

Off the beaten tracks, they will go with you across this Bay which is reshaped every day over the course of incoming and outgoing tides.

Let unexpected colours surprise you.

Let those stones relate history; they have witnessed the powerful, the pilgrims and the good people.

Let local flavours entice you; they have been grown or processed with passion.

If you take your time, you will find here and there a haven of peace, a beautiful person who will have so much to share with you, or even scenery that has been enlightened between two tides, or two showers!

Mont d'emotion

Whether you need to center yourself, find culture or get excited, there is someone in the Bay of
Mont Saint-Michel ready to be with you and give you opportunities to fall in love with the Mont.

This country that runs from Granville to Cancale is the homeland of Christian Dior and of many other famous people.

Guy Degrenne chose to retire there after tableware arts had made him famous.

Edouard Herriot thought that he had walked along “The most beautiful kilometre in France”.

General Eisenhower was delighted to be able to do the same.

The Bay of Mont Saint-Michel is home to amazing fauna. By the way, have you ever considered watching marine mammals?

Have you seen the tidal bore?

In this Bay, hiking is called crossing and requires a specialized guide.

There you will find sometimes cliffs, sometimes flat land.

Polders have been created; you will be able to understand how men have gained arable land over the shore.

Sometimes tellurism is the reason for visiting this very special country.

Gourmet people relish savouring salt-meadow lamb, oysters from Cancale or sweet specialities.

When it comes to entertainments, Granville stands out with its carnival and, in the summer, music festivals offer a wide selection of concerts, from classical music at the Mont Saint-Michel Abbey to “Jazz en Baie” festival.

See you soon then, for one hour, one day or one stay!