The Emerald Coast

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The Emerald Coast was so-named by Eugène Herpin because of the colour of the sea at certain times.

Saint-Malo is located in the heart of this coast running from Cancale to Saint-Cast-le-Guildo.

The Emerald Coast, steeped in maritime history, is praised for its rich heritage, for its outstanding environment and often hosts cultural or sporting events.

It epitomizes Brittany; its northern coast abounds in magical sites combining beauty and sweetness of life.

Its islands, very often close to the shore, are pieces of paradise, easily accessible and yet away from the hustle and bustle of the coast.

An age-old tradition of hospitality and the climate of The Emerald Coast, which amazes you even when the sky is overcast, have shaped the coastal towns, some of which, like Dinard, were born from foreign visitors wishing to create a seaside resort. The countryside is not left behind. It offers a selection of sites and skills that have strong ties with the shore.

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Malouin sailors have been famed throughout the ages. Be they privateers, explorers or off-shore racing sailors, they have roamed the oceans; their contemporaries have fed on products derived from their discoveries and on their wonderful accounts.

The Terre-Neuvas hold a very special place in the maritime history of the Emerald Coast. It is true that they sailed off from Saint-Malo yet coming from all the surrounding places. Many families living in the countryside had one of theirs leaving for “la grande pêche”.

Now, the great maritime events symbolized by the Rum Race, are more sport-oriented.

Nowadays the spirit of Malouin sailors is concerned more by the desire to protect the environment and the wish to let people discover it differently.

For example, Victorien Erussard and Jérôme Delafosse have launched their project Energy Observer to take this awareness for protecting the environment around the world. They demonstrate that nature can be abundant without destroying it.

The Emerald Coast is also a land conducive to writing. Its iconic writer, born in Saint-Malo, and resting there forever, François-René de Chateaubriand, should not distract us from all the wordsmiths inspired by Saint-Malo and its surroundings.

For example this country has hosted Colette.

More recently, Michel Bris, created the festival “Etonnants voyageurs”. It has become a major meeting for all the fans of adventure accounts but also a privileged place to exchange views on literature. The guests come from all over the world and the festival was exported abroad.

For the fans of cartoons and comics, the must-see event is “Quai des Bulles”, of course!

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When speaking about the Emerald Coast, you cannot forget the Rance Valley and Dinan since it is axiomatic that their history is intertwined.

You must pace up and down the medieval city Dinan and then you can guess how rich this stronghold was when goods transited there before following their route on the Rance to the coast. Dinan keeps the memory and the trace of long-standing skills.

Shipyards are still along the banks where malouinières are located.

These dwellings used to be the country estates of Malouin shipowners from the XVIIth century onwards. They are worth visiting.

On the road that takes you to the Mont Saint-Michel, Cancale is a stopover for gourmet people. This cradle of oyster farming is the home base of former chef Olivier Roellinger, a specialist of spices….and of addresses to bear in mind if you want to sleep and eat well in an outstanding setting.

Stopping In the inland, you will discover in Dol de Bretagne, a former bishopric, the history of cathedrals and their builders at the museum “Cathédraloscope”. A passionate architect has brought together everything that can help you gain additional knowledge about medieval life and especially the origin of cathedrals.

Combourg will entice you to visit the castle which was Chateaubriand’s home place.

The Emerald Coast is a synonym of total escape and a change of scene, not to mention adventures, throughout the year.

Whether you love heritage, history, gourmet food, or even sporting activities, there is always some experience to live at sea or on land…of Emerald!

See you very soon!

*One of the founding people of the History and Archaeology Society of Saint-Malo Area.