An expert listening to you

With Mont d’Emotions, each offer is designed to meet the clients’ expectations.
Marie’s priorities are Hospitality, Sharing, Wonderful Encounters and unusual Discoveries.
The remote journeys she has made over the years have given rise to the
awareness that her land opened the door to particular discoveries which turn out to be unforgettable experiences.

She is concerned about the quality of her environment, and loves sharing
exceptional moments during walks, meals, or even unusual nights.

The Mont Saint Michel Bay and Saint-Malo area are teeming with thousands of magical places and provide exceptional products. Marie is committed to customizing high-end stays, events and excursions worth her homeland, her beautiful country unanimously praised by visitors.

Marie is aware of the challenge represented by a corporate action, and thus she is striving to adapt her services to the projects and budgets of companies and professionals who appeal to her to promote their actions.

Building on the expertise of professionals who know how to enhance an
environment that is suitable for unwinding and reenergizing, Marie prepares stays which aim to revitalize and bring back confidence.

Marie accompanies her visitors.
She trusts the best experts of her homeland.
She selects only passionate people!