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Mont d'emotion

Off the beaten tracks, the discovery of the Mont Saint Michel Bay and Saint-Malo area turns out
to be a real adventure.
Thanks to extensive experience and expertise based on customized hospitality and a selection of
service providers, Mont d’Emotions Agency offers a range of 4 products.
All the stays are customized.
They can lead you beyond the Mont and the Corsair City if you wish so.


The passionate travelers who crisscross the Mont Saint-Michel Bay and follow the Emerald Coast
enjoy sharing their knowledge on that very special land.
They look forward to welcoming Mont d’Emotions visitors to let them discover new sensations.
For a walk across the Bay or a trek along a coastal path, you are with the specialist who has very
pleasant surprises in store.

Mont d'emotion


Mont d’Emotions maintains very close relationships with the owners of exceptional heritage sites
in the area (Fort Vauban, malouinières- the estates of XVIIth and XVIIIth century shipowners,
castles…) as well as with specialists of the coastal zone and heritage sites (leisure and race sailing,
natural environment, local products, history…).

Mont d'emotion


In the same way Mont d’Emotions Agency maintains very close relationships with Mont Saint
Michel Abbey officials, especially with the property manager and his close associates.
Thanks to a partnership with Palais du Grand Large (Saint-Malo convention facilities), the agency
organizes private visits, gala evenings as well as customized excursions for the congress
participants and accompanying people to Mont Saint-Michel, Saint-Malo or the Emerald Coast.


Enjoy a relaxing environment, attention from your hosts and optimize your energy!
Devised to give you renewed energy, reenergizing stays bring together health and wellness
professionals who teach you relaxing techniques with lasting benefits.
They also give you an insight into the benefits of plants as well as simple techniques you will be
able to apply at home.

“The most beautiful journey is the journey that has not been made yet”. Loïc Peyron